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Braces Aren’t Just for Kids!

Some common misconceptions we hear from adult patients is that "braces are just for kids" or "I’m too old to get my teeth straightened." But in most cases, those statements are simply not true. The truth is, you’re never "too old" for braces or aligners, but there are some things to consider when attempting to align teeth as an older patient. Whether you’re an adult who is considering braces or even one who thinks you’ve missed your chance at straighter teeth, don’t lose hope. Here’s what you need to know about getting braces as an adult.

'But I’m Too Old'

You’ve probably heard the phrase "you’re only as old as you feel." Well, that kind of applies to orthodontics, too. There is really no such thing as being too old for an orthodontic treatment - it’s mostly a matter of whether you are willing to wear an orthodontic appliance as an adult. The good news is, thanks to clear aligners like Clear Correct and wire brackets like Fast Braces that cut orthodontic treatment times dramatically, you may not need to be in braces for as long as you thought! And with Clear Correct, your aligners will be almost invisible, so there’s no need to feel self-conscious.

The only reason someone might be considered a bad candidate for orthodontics is if their teeth or gums are in poor health. Before we attempt an orthodontic procedure, Dr. Hill will give the teeth a thorough examination to make sure they are healthy from root to tip. As long as there are no underlying issues or infections, there should be no reason you are unable to get braces.

Fast Braces

At Hill Dental Studio, we use a product called Fast Braces for our orthodontic treatments. Fast braces are different from traditional wire and bracket braces, because they do the same work in a much shorter amount of time. Though they sort of look like traditional braces, if you look closely you can see that Fast Braces are shaped slightly different from traditional brackets. This change in shape allows the braces to begin moving the roots of the teeth from the very first day of treatment, so the treatment goes faster and ends a lot sooner than it would with traditional braces. This allows us to measure your treatment in days rather than years or months.

Clear Correct

Clear Correct aligners are the clear aligners Dr. Hill prefers to use for aligning-tray treatments. Clear Correct aligners are invisible, removable and made right here in Texas. Another feature that many patients love about Clear Correct? Even though they work and even look exactly the same as Invisalign aligners, Clear Correct aligners are generally a lot less expensive than Invisalign aligners.

If you’re ready to get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted (and maybe thought you could never have!), give Dr. Hill’s office a call at 469-640-9550 for a consultation.

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