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Dental Hygiene

Everyone should be diligent with home care of their teeth that includes brushing, flossing and periodontal care. However, there are areas that cannot be fully cleaned with home care. This is why regular appointments for professional dental cleanings are so important.

Dr. Hill recommends a cleaning every six months to ensure that you are well protected from the risk of periodontal disease.

All cleanings are designed to clean away plaque, which is a natural bacteria that grows in your mouth.  If plaque is not cleaned off, it will harden into a substance called Calculus. It is the presence of calculus that leads to periodontal disease.

We use many techniques that for cleaning and you can think of a professional cleaning as a deep cleaning. The choice of treatment depends on the severity of the buildup of plaque and/or calculus. Even the very small areas of plaque and calculus present in small cracks and surfaces of the teeth.

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